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WorkCover – whether it’s a small issue like an insurer won’t pay your physiotherapy treatment, through to large compensation payment, we’ve helped countless people navigate and win in the Victorian WorkCover scheme. We’ve run and won cases from the Magistrates’ Court all the through the Victorian Court of Appeal. We do your whole case – we’ll help you deal with the smaller issues that always come up in WorkCover claims, not just focus on your lump sum claim to the exclusion of everything else.

TAC – if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, or an incident involving the use or driving of a motor vehicle, we can advise you on your rights. We’ve helped people get their TAC rate of weekly payments increased, get claims accepted that got rejected, through to obtaining near a million dollars in compensation for injuries sustained in an accident.

Public liability – this area covers a broad range of circumstances from an injury at an unsafe event to commercial or residential property, services that were unsafe or slipping hazards. We’ll advise you on whether you have a claim, whether it’s a good idea to pursue it and how we can help you.

TPD/superannuation – many people don’t realise that they have insurance cover through their superannuation. This can be for income protection, total and permanent disability or death. Claims for income protection or TPD can be made regardless of whether an injury or condition was caused at work or elsewhere.




Unfair dismissal – if you have been terminated from your employment for reasons you believe are unfair or illegal, we can advise and represent you in fighting the employer’s decision. If you’ve been terminated, you need to seek advice immediately.

Workplace investigations – employer’s are increasingly encroaching into people’s private lives when investigating work issues, and are more willing to open investigations. Your job or position could be at risk based on the outcome of the investigation. You’re allowed to seek legal advice even if you have been told the investigation is confidential.

Disciplinary and other issues – if you believe you have been unfairly disciplined or that your job is about to be terminated, or perhaps you have faced discrimination in the workplace, we can provide advice based on years of experience dealing with employers on behalf of workers.


If your claim concerns one of the areas listed, we’ll be able to assist you. If your claim isn’t one of the areas listed, we have extensive contacts within the legal industry and will be happy to point you in the direction of a quality local lawyer that works in that field.

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